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Turkish Mosaic Table and Hanging Lamps at ASYLOVE

The mosaic lamp has evolved over time to become a nearly indispensable addition to any sophisticated décor. The warmth and charm they bring to a space, combined with the tactile quality of their construction and the sheer beauty of the light they cast makes them the perfect anchoring element in the study, the foyer, the kitchen and elsewhere. Few other decorative components will exude such an influence over the way your home is experienced, and fewer still will be capable of doing so for decades to come.

For those looking for newly minted Turkish mosaic lamps Asylove has a dizzying selection. Whether table lamps or hanging lamps all our lamps are of the same high quality and are every bit the equal of (and more often than not superior to) anything produced today with the name “Tiffany” attached. What’s more is that you won’t be paying the (largely unjustified) premium the Tiffany name brings to their product. Instead you’ll pay a fair price for a beautifully crafted mosaic lamp built by dedicated craftsmen in the one corner of the world where handcrafted quality still matters. Take your time and browse through our online selection or stop by our website to see these dazzling Turkish lights in person.

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