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Turkish Mosaic Lamp Art

Updated: Oct 12

What is Mosaic Lamp?

There are many features that distinguish mosaic lamps from other designs and lighting systems. First of all, all of the mosaic lamp models are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen. Paints obtained from natural resins are used. The most important feature that gives the real value to mosaic designs is the processing of old Turkish cultural and artistic values and all of the motifs reflect the Old Turkish traditions. The materials used are of high quality and completely original. Of course, everything with handicraft and art is valuable. This value can be used by keeping it from generation to generation.

Mosaic lamp Models and Latest Designs?

Mosaic lamps have unlimited color and model options. It can even be custom designed. It consists of different models and colors to be used in every corner of homes and spaces. You can find mosaic lamps in any color and model you are looking for, as ceiling lighting in living rooms, floor lamps in living rooms, wall sconces and floor lighting. Because mosaic lamps are completely Turkish made and these products are highly valued in our country. There are wholesale and retail sales opportunities for these products, which foreign tourists who come to our country look at with admiration and take to their countries.

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